Dr Shivashankar H Nagaraj

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Dr Shivashankar H Nagaraj

Advance Queensland Research Fellow – Queensland University of Technology

Dr Shiv Nagaraj is an Advance Queensland Research Fellow and leads a Bioinformatics research group at the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Technology. The focus of his group is on development and application of innovative bioinformatics software that utilizes large amounts of data to solve biological problems.

His research can be divided into cancer systems biology and Indigenous health themes. The aim of the first theme is to identify new therapeutic approaches to cancer by combining advanced computational approaches with state-of-the-art experiments. The second theme involves studying genetic basis for chronic kidney disease in Indigenous Australians and translate this knowledge to halt the progression of this disease in the community.

His lab is also using Genomics to characterise blood profiles for Indigenous Australians which is expected to improve health outcomes for Indigenous people who may require blood transfusions. His group has already trained Indigenous students in Genomics and Bioinformatics and is committed to student training, capacity building and creation of jobs.

His research is internationally recognized, as evidenced by publications in leading international journals such as Nature and Nature Genetics. With an H-index of 23, he has an overall lifetime citation of ~5600 from 31 publications. He has attracted continuous funding through competitive research grants and fellowships to support his research. He has secured an OCE post-doctoral fellowship at CSIRO on graduating, then a UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in 2012, QUT Vice-Chancellor Fellowship in 2015 and Advance Queensland Research Fellowship in 2018.


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